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Wedding Planner

Orchestrated Events

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We are a husband and wife team that can take your vision of the perfect wedding or event and make it a reality. We have worked as decorators for many years and have seen too many weddings turn to chaos. It became clear to us that there should be someone in control that isn’t also part of the party. We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the day rather than fretting over details. Let us cover the wedding planner duties so you can smile and laugh and be part of the day.

The one thing we want to stress is that YOU make the decisions. That is the fun part of planning a wedding or event. What design for the wedding invitations? What colors to use? What flowers? What songs? The DRESS! Those are the things you have looked forward to your entire life. You have the executive authority as both the wedding florist and selector of the perfect wedding dress. Feel free to make those decisions and then bask in the confidence that everything will work out marvelously as we take those decisions and bring them to life! No need to lose sleep over the details of the wedding venue or the delivery of the perfect wedding cake. You decide exactly what you want and we will work with the vendors, negotiating the best price and making sure they deliver when, where and how you want your goods. This all occurs without you worrying about a thing.

That is Orchestration. Taking a thousand details and making them work together. Your wedding is about you, not about how well you can organize and delegate. Leave the wedding planner role to someone else, so you can be the center of attention that you are meant to be!