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Wedding Dresses

11009 Elm Street Omaha, NE 68144
Located in the center of Rockbrook Village
(108th & Center) (Next to Post & Nickel and across from Jaipur)

Hours by Appointment – please contact us to set up you own, private appointment.
Tuesday-Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: By appointment only

A Wedding Dress Boutique You'll Love As Much As Your Gown

Because we want your experience to be just as amazing as the wedding gown you’ll find at Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}, here are tips for making the most of your shopping experience. As a wedding dress boutique in Omaha, we are committed to the best customer service for all of our clients. We ask for no food, drink, small children or pets to be brought to any of your appointments. Our weekday appointments are best to accommodate larger groups and our Saturday appointments fill up the fastest, so don’t hesitate! Call or email us today to find the gown you’ve been dreaming of.

Do I need an appointment?

We highly recommend appointments to try on gowns to ensure we can devote our time and space to your wedding dress search. We want to give each bride our undivided attention, so we highly recommend appointments for all bridal gown and bridesmaid dress shopping. We do try to accommodate walk-ins but we give our appointments first priority and our weekends are often booked well in advance.

Do I need an appointment to look at bridesmaid dresses?

We highly recommend appointments to look at our bridesmaid dresses, as there is a lot involved in finding the right bridesmaid dress for your girls. We want to make sure we have someone to walk you through all the choices and give you recommendations based on your specific bridal party needs.

What should I bring along?

It is helpful to bring undergarments of similar styles that you will wear on your wedding day, including strapless bras, Spanx, etc. Also bring heels of a height that you will wear for your wedding.

Can I bring a large party to my appointment?

We are a fun, cozy bridal boutique with limited seating so we ask that your party be three or less during your visit at Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}. Selecting a few trusted family members or friends to help you make your decisions, rather than a large group, can make the process more enjoyable, less overwhelming, and more about YOU!

How long are appointment times?

Our appointments are 60 minutes in length. All of our dresses are available for you to browse and try on. Should you need more time, we will gladly make a follow-up appointment to review your top selections.

What are the prices of your wedding dresses at Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}?

Most bridal gowns range from $1000-$5000. You will find many of our dresses fall between $1800 and $4000. Bridesmaids gowns range from $180-$400.

When should I buy my dress?

While several of our designers can accommodate rush orders for tight timelines, the average time needed to make your dress is four months. We suggest purchasing a dress at least 6-9 months prior to your wedding date, so you have the necessary time for fittings and styling your complete wedding look. However, for your peace of mind, we highly recommend purchasing your gown 9-12 months before your wedding date.

How long does it take for the dress I ordered to arrive?

It typically takes approximately 4-5 months to make a dress. If you factor in shipping time, sometimes from overseas, that timeline can often be extended to 5-6 months. If you need your gown sooner, we have rush options available, but there are often rush fees associated with expedited service.

How does sizing & ordering work?

We like to order the dress as close to your current size as possible, but all bridal gowns need at least some alterations to achieve a perfect fit for your wedding day. As part of the experience at Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}, we offer alterations from an independent seamstress at the store and we will help coordinate your appointments.

I ordered my dress, now what?

Oh, it’s like waiting for Christmas morning isn’t it?! We know 4-5 months can seem like an eternity but we recommend using this time to look for shoes, undergarments, & accessories so you’ll be ready for your first alterations appointment. As soon as your precious package arrives we will contact you immediately so you can start the alterations process.

Do you offer alterations?

You are welcome to use the seamstress of your choice. We will happily recommend an independent seamstress based on the details of your dress!

What is a Trunk Show?

Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic} carries a select number of dresses from a group of designers. A trunk show is an opportunity for brides to see and try on a broader collection of dresses from one of their favorite designers that are not part of our daily inventory.

Trunk shows are planned well in advance, so check our listings on our website to see all of our upcoming events! The shows last all weekend and appointments book up quickly. Call 402-885-4883 early to reserve your spot!

Do you carry each designer’s complete collection?

As a boutique, we carry a select number of gowns from each designer’s collection. If you are interested in a specific designer, a trunk show is the perfect opportunity to view more of their collection. If you have any questions about any of our styles or what we can order for you, contact us at


Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic} offers many exclusive bridal designers that can only be found in Omaha at our wedding dress shop. We carefully selected bridal designers to create a perfectly curated dress collection for the brides who are looking for something fresh, yet timeless. Throughout the year, new wedding dresses are frequently added to our collection.

We want your experience at Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic} to be both fun and relaxing, while delivering an uncompromising level of service. We highly recommend each bride set an appointment to enjoy our unique boutique experience. 

Brides Maids

Our bridesmaid collection can best be described as stylish, flirty and refreshing. We are redefining what bridesmaids are wearing and offer our brides a wide array of options – from chiffon to shantung, from short to long and from prints to polka dots! Our bridesmaid collection ranges from $180-400.


Now that you have your wedding dress, it is time to think about the finishing touches to your gown. We love styling your whole bridal look with our extensive collection of belts, veils, hairpieces, and jewelry.

Sometimes it is all about the details that take a dress from "nice” to "the one.”

How to Shop For the Mother of the Bride

Who is the most important person at any wedding? That’s easy! The bride! But what if we asked you who the second most important person at a wedding is? The groom? We beg to differ.

The person who knows the bride best, has been there for her the longest, and supported her along the way is none other than the mother of the bride. So why do many brides and mothers leave all the mother of the bride details until the very last minute? After meeting so many mothers who don’t know what to wear, we are sharing our tips & tricks on how to select the perfect dress for the mother of the bride.

Daughters and mothers alike, listen up! This advice is for you.

Once you’ve accepted that you are the second most important person at a wedding, it’s time to get serious about dress shopping. Rule number one is to look early and look often. Before your first shopping trip, brainstorm a list of what you do (and don’t) want in your dress.

Think about details such as:

  • Wedding Season. Does the weather call for a short or long dress?
  • Wedding Party Attire: What are the bridesmaids wearing? You don’t want to look exactly like them – you should stand out!
  • Favorite Feature: Do you want to show off your arms but hide your legs? Go for a silhouette that will flatter and hide exactly what you want it to.

After you compile a list of dos and don’ts, it’s time to get shopping! Many mothers we talk to don’t know where to begin looking here in Omaha. But if you aren’t afraid to move beyond your typical department store, we have plenty of recommendations for you.

When you step foot in the store, keep your basic wants and needs in mind. At the same time, don’t limit yourself! Most mothers believe there is some rule that dictates what colors they can and cannot wear. We’re here to say that isn’t true! Well, for the most part. There are two exceptions.

First is in the case of navy and black. If the mother of the bride dresses in navy or black, she runs the risk of clashing with the other navy or black attire in the wedding party. Also, it is so easy to get lost and become a floating head in pictures if you and everyone else are dressed in black. So embrace some color! Whether that is one of the wedding colors, or a favorite from your color wheel, don’t be afraid to try something different.

Second, don’t wear the same color (or style) as you did at a previous daughter or son’s wedding. No one wants to compare pictures 10 years from now and realize they looked exactly the same.


Please call or email us to schedule your private wedding consultation. Personal appointments ensure you will receive the individual attention you deserve to make your wedding dress shopping experience something you will always cherish. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but we are often booked on weekends.

Hours by Appointment – please contact us to set up you own, private appointment.
Tuesday-Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: By appointment only

Ready or Knot
11009 Elm Street Omaha, NE 68144
Located in the center of Rockbrook Village
(108th & Center) (Next to Post & Nickel and across from Jaipur)

Call or Text 402-885-4883